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Thanks for stopping by the Fly Fishing Loop. What is the Fly Fishing Loop? It is the largest ring of websites that are fly fishing related on the Internet today. Each site is linked through a common logo and code fragment that make navigating the entire Loop of sites easy and fun. (Over 900+ fly fishing related websites).

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If your interested in Joining The Loop, cast your fly to these waters. Why join the Loop? By joining the Loop you will get increased website traffic from people that are interested in visiting fly fishing related websites. Your website will benefit by being a member of the Loop. The Loop also benefits from the wide range and diversity of content that the member sites provide. We don't have many regulations on our waters, but the rules must be agreed to and followed. Please read on....

fly fishng loop rule 1
Your page or site must contain information or content that is fly fishing related or of interest to fly fishers. This can include, personal home pages, a commercial websites (such as a manufacturers with products or services that are fly fishing related), fly tying sites, fly fishing clubs, organizations, fly fishing links pages, fly fishing publications/periodicals, fly fishing guides, fly fishing shops etc. If it is fly fishing related it can be in the Loop. Not sure that your site is eligible? Contact the Loopmaster via email and include your site URL and a brief description of the content. We'll check it out and tell you.

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The page or site must not contain any content that can be considered offensive, rude or obscene. This includes words, graphics and images.

If your page or site does not conform to these rules then the Fly Fishing Loop is not for you. Each site will be personally visited to verify compliance with these rules. If these regulations are not complied with, the offending page or site will be immediately removed from the Loop.

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When you click This Link, please select the Fly Fishing Loop for the Ring ID, you will be taken to the Application Page. In five quick steps, you will be able to join the Loop. You must agreed with the regulations on these waters to join the Loop. As a member of the Loop, you will display our logo and the Loop navigational links as shown below.


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Surf the various member sites in the Fly Fishing Loop, or follow this link for Instructions about navigating the Fly Fishing Loop. If you enjoy fly fishing and everything that relates to fly fishing you will definitely want to fish the waters of the Fly Fishing Loop.

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Loop member sites...if you ever need to edit your site information, log into the Loop system by ebtering your Site ID and Password below. If your email address changes, or if your URL changes you will need to use this form.

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